TY5 is Port Orange's new performing arts facility.

Theater - comedy - music -  we have it all.




4606 South Clyde Morris Blvd.  Unit 2N   Port Orange,  Florida  32129   |  386 295 5699 |  |

         Welcome to Thank You Five!

Coming Soon to Thank You Five

Call   386-295-5699  for  more  information

Feb 22          The Carpenters Tribute Concert

Feb 23          Todd Bogue Magic Show

Feb 25/26    Auditions: UNSOUND Cabaret

Feb 28           Give Back Day at Chilis 

March 1         Open Mic Night

March 2         Stand Up Comedy

March 9         St. Patty's Poetry Slam

March 15/16  The Language Archive

March 17/18   Auditions: Glengarry Glen Ross

March 22-24  The Language Archive

April 5             Open Mic Night

April 6             Stand Up Comedy: Ladies Night

the STAGE at thank you five